Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Brainy Site – WordPress SEO Themes

Brainy Site is a theme made to promote a downloadable product. Ebooks, webinars, videos and audio books to name a few would do very well on this theme. It features different selling point sections from social proof to industry leaders. The main benefit of this theme is its directness to get the user to purchase the product. Brainy Site is a theme for selling products or services online. Showcase your product or image in the Hero section (front page, above the fold). There’s flexibility in the layout (position the image left or right) and a strong, prominent Call to Action button. There are a variety of opportunities on the front page to showcase your services, product features and content. All of it presented in a clean, modern design. The last thing you need when you grab a new WordPress theme is to master a complicated interface (which usually comes with at least 50 tutorial videos, each at least 10 minutes long), build countless subpages and upload dozens of images for your

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