Thursday, 2 June 2016

Apartments Rent Rebate

Find your best home by browsing our totally free and as much as date home database or by filling out our search form. Get a list of homes based on your criteria with move in specials, layout, images, maps, schools and costs! Go to the buildings and make sure to list Apartments Rent Rebate as your Apartment Locator on your Guest Card and Application, this will guarantee you receiving your Rent Rebate up to $350. Also position the name of the locator that helped you. Move into your new location and let us know by completing the Rebate Claim Form. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two. We Verify your lease, Process the rebate and Send your Rent Rebate to You. No additional waiting time or hold-ups.

apartments rent rebate

How does the rebate work?

Apartments rent rebate as a certified real estate brokerage that assists apartment or condo communities and landlords discover you the occupant while assisting you find the perfect location for rent. Like all apartment or condo locating service and real estate agents we get a commission, also called a referral cost. Unlike most home locating business, we share or commission with you by offering you Money Back-- Rent Rebate.

How is the Rent Rebate Given?

Your Rent Rebate plan to arrive as a Visa Gift Card or a Bank Check. Both the present card or the check plan to have your name on it so you can utilize it and spend your Rent Rebate cash without additional actions on your part.

How Do I know If I Obtain The Rent Rebate?

Please read our easy Rent Rebate terms. In general, if you rent a new apartment, tell the leasing agent that Apartments Rent Rebate has actually helped you to discover them, compose the name of the representative and business on all documents (visitor card and application) move into the home and live there for more than 1 Month, you qualify for the Rent Rebate.

How Do I understand If I will Get The Rent Rebate?

Apartments Rent Rebate has actually been in business since 2009 and has actually assisted near to 100,000 tenants up until now. We have provided many $1000's in Rent Rebate and construct a strong track record for sincerity, stability, and commitment towards our customers. Don't hesitate to read what people say about us on our testimonial page.

If I Used More Than One Locating Service Can I still Get A Rent Rebate?

Yes, you can get your Rent Rebate from the business that has really assisted you find the apartment you leased if you listed them as your referral source on visitor card, application and verbally let the renting staff know who helped you. Please keep in mind that you need to claim the Rent Rebate from only one locating service

Is There An Expense To The Rent Rebate Program?

No, there is no cost to the Rent Rebate Program. You do not have to pay anything. The Rent Rebate program is a complimentary program that pays you to move as a thank you for using our service.

The length of time Does It Take To Get The Rent Rebate Check?

Typically you intend to get your Apartments Rent Rebate check between 4 to 8 weeks from your move-in date. Reality to be informed, in some cased it may take less time and some other cases a bit more. Times primarily depend on the referral charge processing by the apartment or condo community you leased. We do our finest to lower the time to as short as possible and we keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Have a question about the incredible Rent Rebate Program? Simply make a phone call to 214-230-7368 or visit our Contact Us page on and leave a message. We help you find and rent apartments.

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